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Usually More Is Said Than Done

My VERY FIRST blog name was “You’re Killin’ Me Smile” tagged “When all is said & done, usually more is said than done.”

This stemmed from my journey through life searching for my Joy. I went through a series of horrific events that put me in a very deep and dark place. Long story short, I found out my boyfriend of a year and a half was cheating on me & lied to me about almost everything under the sun. While I was trying to sort that situation out, I was bit by a dog that broke my Ulna in several places which put me out of a job. I was helpless, potentially in $20,000 worth of  hospital bill debt & had no place to go. Psstt… Gods Grace SAVED ME FROM IT ALL! (Ill share that story another day). I lived on my own with many, MANY BILLS to pay. Until this moment I was independent and rarely needed to ask anyone for help. So, not only was my heart broken in pieces, I was in serious financial shambles & almost 100% helpless.

God did a number on me that year. He managed to pick me up from pure depression to a light that shines, even in the dark.

My blog title perfectly depicted where I was in that moment of time. My outlet? Blogging. So, when I decided to purchase my own domain & do this thing for real, I couldn’t help but keep those very important aspects which describe me perfectly =) <– THIS is why I sign each blog posts with “Keep on smiling!” (Or something of that sort).

No matter what life throws your way NEVER let anyone or anything steal your joy! It was a long and slow journey finding my joy again. I let someone who didn’t deserve even small part of me, steal every ounce of joy I had & if I had any joy left after that… I let my circumstance steal the rest of it.

I was able to share this story more deeply in my previous blog, and will soon share it with you all as well.

HOWEVER, God showed me the blessing in the shamble. One of the most miraculous moments in my life was finding my Joy through the promises of Jesus Christ! I HATED the word promise! All my life I was led to believe that a promise was just a word. An empty word. People always made huge promises to me, with little to no action behind it. So the tag stuck, “When all is said and done, usually more is said than done”… but in creating MauriKatherine.com I knew there was more to it that just that. I used that tag line because through my blog, I wanted to share WHY God was the exception. That with all of the empty promises we have been left with here on earth, Gods promises are never changing, applicable TODAY & that God ALWAYS keeps his promises. I want to encourage women who have been left in the dark like I was. I want to show them that there IS ANOTHER WAY. There IS life again!

So now my tag, along with the new beginning of MauriKatherine.com, reads “When all is said and done, usually more is said than done. I am changing that!

My mission is to change that stereotype… I know I cannot change the empty promises of the world, but I can share the divine promises of God & how His grace saved me from a world of darkness! Through HIM YOU CAN FIND FREEDOM TOO!

So, when all is said and done, SMILE!! You are worth it!!!

With love,

Mauri Katherine