Meet Mauri


Mauri’s mission is to to help women develop, maintain and increase confidence, self-esteem and “wellness” of the mind and body.

Mauri has been dancing since she was 5 years old. She attended Dance Masters of America in 2015 and is going into her 9th year of teaching. Psalm 149:3 says, “Let them praise his name with dancing…” So in June of 2016 Mauri opened the Bradford Area Dance Center where she teaches students how to honor God through dance.

In addition to her training as a dance instructor, Mauri graduated from Continental School of beauty in 2009 and is an independent fitness & lifestyle Coach. She has a passion to break modern day barriers in helping women see their natural beauty through God’s eyes.

Coach by nature, compassionate by heart, my desire is to help change lives!


Mauri’s Story

I am a fur mom of 3! With a heart for many more. I began seeking a way to regain my mental and physical health after a long 2 years of feeling “stuck”. I was depressed and said OVER AND OVER I will get up and make a change “tomorrow. This cycle was a never ending downward spiral into darkness. Not only was I neglecting my physical health, but my mental health was greatly suffering. After a series of trial & error with “get slim quick” programs & all that the demands of this world had to offer… My breaking point was when I realized that I had to learn to love myself RIGHT NOW for who I was in this very moment. No amount of hair care and weight loss were going to change my mental health. Those things were only temporary. The weight loss is just a bonus to taking care of your physical health, it does not cure depression.  After applying this revelation, I was able to lose my excess weight & regain my mental confidence as well! I want to help you do the same by showing you that there is no amount of “busy” that can get in your way of your confidence and health! I am an independent fitness & lifestyle coach. I help people on a daily basis stay accountable and motivated to gaining their lives back physically and mentally!

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